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Intern Program

Interested in social justice, making a postitive contribution to the campus, the Women's Center and beyond, making new friends, and personal & professional development?

The hiring session for the 2015-2016 academic year begins in March!


Women's Center interns are an integral part of the Women's Center staff, contributing to the Women's Center mission, developing as student leaders, and providing services and programs around gender and social justice issues. Interning at the Center provides students with hands-on experience developing skills that will be useful to them in the wide variety of fields that they pursue after graduation.
Interns work closely with the professional staff, volunteers and the community, are responsible for coordinating events, educating the campus about gender and social justice issues, creating the quarterly newsletter, and managing the facility. The internship program is one of the most vital aspects of the Center's programs and resources.

Interns play a critical role in Women's Center programming and participate in a variety of programs and outreach events across campus and in the community. The majority of these events provide education, information, and resources to UCSD students.

As the Women's Center has continued to grow, interns have been central to this effort and to the mission and vision of the Center. A primary goal of the internship program is to enhance and support students' academic experience at UCSD. Women's Center interns are able to explore new ways of engaging with their communities in an effort to advance the goal of achieving a more just and equitable society. The learning outcomes that guide the internship program are outlined below.

Interns will:

  • Develop skills that they can use in the wide variety of fields that they pursue after graduation.
  • Be able to use the skills learned at the Women's Center in their own lives.
  • Be able to use the skills learned and act as change agents in their roles beyond the internship program.
  • Contribute to the Women's Center mission while enacting FACES Guiding Principles.
  • Implement programs and be involved in initiatives that have a social justice framework and a gender focus.
  • Understand the connections between feminist theory and practice.
  • Develop an understanding or power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Gain a better understanding of themselves and their values through self reflection and dialogue while considering how their actions fit within the larger community.
  • Develop tools for affecting change withint the University community, as well as the broader global community.

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