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Guiding Principles of the UC San Diego Women's Center

We embrace the multiple FACES of our community and our work is grounded in the following principles:


We work to end sexism and sexist oppression. Our definition of feminism is grounded in the belief that ending one oppression requires ending all oppressions, all people have the right to control their bodies and destinies and should share equally the resources and opportunities to achieve individual, social, political, and economic goals.


We educate the UC San Diego community and the community at large about all forms of oppression through community organizing, interaction, and access to resources.


We value our relationships with the campus and broader San Diego community. We foster an environment that promotes safe space, dialogue, connectedness, active learning and collaboration.


We work for and support social change that empowers all those who are marginalized by gender oppression through self-discovery, awareness, and action. We validate and give voice to diverse experiences in order to encourage leadership development, activism, and advocacy

Social Justice

We enact social justice through the intersections of feminism, awareness, community, and empowerment. In our effort to end sexist oppression we recognize that the eradication of all oppression is central to feminism and our work at the Women's Center. Ending racism, homophobia, ableism, religious oppression, classism, and other forms of oppression are all feminist issues.