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VOICES Leadership Program

Please check back in September for information about the 2022-23 program.

The VOICES Leadership program creates space for students to learn leadership skills grounded in an intersectional feminist framework. The program content is divided into three keys content areas:
social justice knowledge, understanding of intersectional feminism and leadership development. 

Students are invited to engage and attend VOICES workshops as their schedule allows. However, students who wish to fully participate in the program can receive credit on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR). In order to receive CCR credit for the VOICES program students must complete 30 hours of social justice leadership education. The Women’s Center will offer at least 9 engagement opportunities throughout the 2021-22 academic year for VOICES participants. Students must attend 6 (2 per each key content area) sessions, attend at least 2 VOICES Chats, complete all assigned quarterly readings and turn in 3 reflective assignments to receive CCR credit.      

All students who are interested in VOICES should register below. Registration will “enroll” students in the VOICES program. Registered students will receive regular program updates and invitations to VOICES only sessions throughout the year. Students who are interested in VOICES but are not able to commit fully to attending all pieces of the program are still invited to engage with the VOICES workshops and activities. 


Components of VOICES Program (must be completed for CCR certification) 

  • Register for VOICES 
  • Track attendance to 
    • VOICES workshops (two per content area) 
      • Social Justice Knowledge 
      • Understanding Intersectional Feminism 
      • Leadership Development 
    • Attend at least 2 VOICES Chats 
  • Complete all readings & reflective assignments 

*students seeking CCR certification have 1 year to complete all program components.    

Why participate in VOICES?

  • Develop yourself as a leader
  • Practice leadership skills
  • Learn more about feminist leadership styles and social justice concepts
  • Receive a certificate of completion acknowledging your participation in the program
  • Special invitations to campus and community events
  • Have fun and make new friends!
  • Great way to build your resume 
  • Earn CCR credit


Interested in VOICES? Register Below

Current UC San Diego undergraduate students are invited to participate in the Women’s CenterVOICES Leadership program. Please use the form below to register as a participant in the program. After registering students will receive additional information about completing the VOICES program and the Co-Curricular Record process. Registrations will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please email Nichola Retzius with questions or concerns.

Be sure you have reviewed the program information before proceeding!